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EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS / Gregory Magras, Tonia Magras
CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / Calvin A. Lindsay, Jr.
Tonia Magras

More Than Our Skin is a documentary exploring the depths and effects of living with Vitiligo. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease in which the skin loses its pigment cells resulting in discolored patches throughout the body. People with the condition not only experience high levels of depression, but also suffer from social stigmatization and isolation. The result, oftentimes, manifests as shame, avoidance of intimacy, and in far too many cases – suicidal ideation.

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"Hull Bay Productions was extremely easy to work with, very professional and a lot of fun! They put my nerves at ease throughout the process.  I know they truly care getting the story right.  


And side note. I LOVE TONIA AND GREG!!!!!!"

-Alicia Roufs

"I give a great shout out to God who saw fit for this film to be in the hands of Hull Bay Productions.


This story is really important and I personally felt comfortable working with Greg and Tonia.

The quality of care taken was truly with love."

-Patricia Rossy

"Working with Hull Bay Productions on the More Than Our Skin Vitiligo documentary is an experience that I will never forget. Their professionism and cordialness was outstanding. I highly recommend Hull Bay Productions for your film or production project."

-Katrina Christian

"Working with Hull Bay Productions during filming of "More Than Our Skin" documentary was phenomenal!  Tonia and Greg were patient and considerate during my interview process. Since viewing the finished product of the trailers and reading the blogs on Hull Bay Production website, one can't help but feel the struggles the main characters of this film went through having Vitiligo, to prevail in spite of adversity."

-Millicent Meadows

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