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do you remember me?

do you remember me? follows Nicky as she faces the trauma of a rape that occurred more than 36 years ago. Through a friend request, Nicky is shocked to see a friend request from Dale, the man who coerced Nicky to go back to his apartment, where he and three of his roommates raped Nicky.


Although decades have passed since this traumatic experience, Nicky continues to cope with the impact of the rape. She sits staring at a photo of the man who took a piece of her that night. Nicky asks Dale via a chat box if he remembers her. After responding yes, Nicky follows up with, “do you remember what you did to me?”


Although Nicky is finally facing this monster, she feels safe because of the love and understanding of her husband, Greg. Nicky can get past this evening but knows that the trauma will always be there, as will her family and friends love, support, and care.

about the film

The importance of this film project is to acknowledge the longevity of trauma as well as the importance to surround yourself in a healthy environment to manage triggers that may happen unexpectedly.


In this #metoo movement, it’s important to understand that rape and acts of sexual violence are still prevalent in our society – particularly on college campuses where the protagonist Nicky’s rape occurs. At the time, Nicky didn’t feel she had any support to help her to deal with her trauma so she could stay in school and finish her degree. Instead, she ran as far away as possible and never looked back. We must create spaces for sexual assault victims to get the proper help they need, both legally and emotionally.


This film project is an important step to realizing and understanding the complexities of sexual assault trauma and is a story that should be shared to possibly get other women like Nicky – who have been managing their trauma for decades, or young Nicky’s who are learning they are not alone and there is help out there. Any investor would be supportive of this particular narrative and should want to eliminate the stigma of rape and the subsequent trauma that ensues.


Currently, do you remember me? has a complete script, and has secured a producer/director for the film. We are now in the fundraising phase of production. Soon, we will be announcing casting calls for the three main characters, as well as extras for the film.


Tonia Magras is the writer and producer of the film. Tonia is a multi-Emmy award winning producer/director with over three decades of production experience. Tonia's skills are that of a producer, writer, director, editor, and graphic designer.


Discussing sexual violence and assault is an uncomfortable space. We shy away from it because we think it has to do with “sex” and not the violent assault that ensues. Until we can have conversations with all genders to understand the trauma of rape, we will continue to converse in silos – not knowing if anyone else is dealing with the same trauma. It is time that we take the stigma out of these conversations and begin to understand the importance of knowing, identifying, supporting, and providing a safe space for victims of sexual violence. To read the true story, scroll to the bottom of the page. Reader discretion is advised.



Winner, 2022 LaCoy Production Fund
Tonia Magras' "do you remember me?" has been selected as the winner of the LaCoy Production Fund Competition for the Fall 2022 semester.

Read Official Letter Here


do you remember me?

Read the true story of "Nicky" by clicking on the link below. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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