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The PowerPLAY Show


The PowerPLAY Show is the premiere podcast of Hull Bay Productions. The show is designed to tackle the issues of power and what it means in all facets of society.


On The PowerPLAY Show, we speak to those in power – and what their role means for how things get done and change in our world. We tackle the tough questions and challenge the responsibilities of those in positions of power to make a difference.


We lend voice to the powerless and find ways to open dialogs for people who feel as though their opinions are not heard and whose concerns are not met.


Why The PowerPLAY Show? Because our mission is this: listen, talk, learn, and change. The very definition of power is the ability to act or produce an effect and it is this platform that will allow for change to take place and we want YOU to be a part of this movement.

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"The PowerPLAY Show is a smart and entertaining podcast with a diverse guest list and topics that range from health to politics and social awareness. It's host, Tonia Magras, is a great talent that brings her everything to this weekly show with understanding, knowledge and, when appropriate, humor."

-Joseph D. Feaster, Jr.


"Not only has the PowerPLAY delivered on the truth but it has done so with passion. That passion is what makes The PowerPLAY Show so unique. No other podcast can match that combination."

-Hon. Severlin B. Singleton, III


Retired District Court Judge

"The PowerPLAY Show provides opportunities for stories that are often unheard, opinions that are often devalued, and ideas that need greater distribution."

-J. Malcolm Cawthorne

Brookline High School METCO Coordinator

"We live in a time where people only desire to listen to the thoughts of individuals espouse their viewpoints. We need more shows like The PowerPLAY that will expose people to folks and ideas beyond their own sphere of thinking."

-Bishop Brian c. Greene

Senior/Lead Pastor

Pentecostal Tabernacle, Cambridge

"The PowerPLAY Show highlights diverse voices and emerging cultural influencers and shared informational content overlooked by mainstream media. The PowerPLAY Show has shown a commitment to covering issues impacting under-represented communities."

-Dr. Dorrance Kennedy, LCSW

Founder/CEO, Empower Your Purpose

'We live in a time where fake news is everywhere and difficult to filter out from real news. The conversations on The PowerPLAY Show are covering the critical and very real conversations that need to be has and brought into our living rooms and workplaces. These conversations introduce you to people in our own community that are engaged daily the work of making our community and world a better place.

-Dr. Georgianna Meléndez

"The PowerPLAY Show offers insights from voices rarely heard in the public square. Uninhibited, unafraid, opinions are freely expressed because judgement doesn't define the context. Culture, like language, moves the world forward and The PowerPLAY Show provides a welcome space for this phenomena to occur. Bravo!"

-Cynthia Johnson


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